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What are the Methods of Hair Extensions?

Today hair extensions have become a popular method of giving instant length and volume to the natural hair. Hair extensions are made of natural or synthetic hair emphasis Rema Rozay. In fact, it comes in different colors and styles allow you to have a custom look anytime. So, if you need a quick styling fix or do not have a lot of time to devote to maintain your hair you can pick up any one hair extensions type.

Rema Rozay - Hair Extension's Method

Here you can discover different methods for Hair Extensions:

Clip in Hair Extensions:

It is a temporary method of hair extensions and a great option for individuals who are not ready to commit wearing extensions on a regular basis. In this method of hair extensions, wefts of hair are applicable using small pressure sensitive clips.

Clip In type is more suitable for special occasions or events. You can remove this extension before bedtime. Moreover, if you do not want to wear clip-ins, there are also hairpieces available that are attachable using an undetectable wire. However, this type of extension will not hold in thin hair because the weight of every weft is really heavy and they tend to slide out.

Fusion Hair Extensions:

Fusion extension method is the best option for individuals looking for length and volume. It has keratin bonding on the ends and ultrasonic waves soften the keratin to bond during application says Rema Rozay.

However, this type of extension might not be appropriate for women who have compromised hair due to the stress it can cause. It will take approximately three hours in order to put in the full head of extensions. Furthermore, the extension lasts about four months and is one of the costly extensions.

Micro links Hair Extensions:

Micro links are gentle to put in and also easy to take out. It is applicable strand by strand to hair. A special tool is used in order to attach this extension to your natural hair. You have to be careful not to use conditioner close the bead in order to reduce slipping of the extension. There is also need to retighten the extension every couple of months.

Top pieces Hair Extension:

It is great for individuals that are thinning on the top of their head. This type of hair extensions adds thickness and volume to the top of the head. Top pieces Hair Extension can be best choices as there is no need to retighten it from time to time.

Tape in Hair Extensions:

This is the newest technique of extensions available and best for females with thin or fine hair. The hair stylist applies tape extensions to your natural hair with using either double or single-sided polyurethane tape. And this extension is 1.5 inch wide wefts which hair professionals apply row by row. Tape in hair extensions require no tools or chemicals.

Wrapping Up

These are some hair extensions methods available these days. Selecting a method that works best for you is a daunting task as there are several factors you have to consider such as lifestyle, budget, hair type etc.

Rema Rozay – being a salon professional can help you in making the decision. The hair stylists at her salon make sure that your extension fits you properly. These professionals use organic hair extension methods that are 100% natural and best solution for women with thin hair.

The Hottest Hair Trend to Get Long Hair Style Instantly

When it comes to hair, many of us want a full and long ponytail that hangs down to our backs. However, hair growth is a disreputably fiddly territory. A big thanks to the hair extension brands that help in getting long hair instantly. Nowadays, you can add hair extensions for volume, pop of colors and most prominently for length.

Rema Rozay - Curly Human hair Extension
Curly Human Hair Extension

Curious to know which hair extension may work for your short hair? Read this article by Rema Rozay about the hottest trends to get long lustrous hair.

No matter what kind of hair you have. Maybe you have pixie crop, lob or bob, there is a set of extension for short hair. But choosing a hair extension is really a challenging task. It takes time and patience before buying a set of clip-ins. It’s better to ask for a hair stylist’s tips in order to have the best hair extension for your hair.

Here are the best extensions for short hair:

  1. Brazilian Kinky Curly Human hair Extension: This type of hair extension is made of hundred percent of human hair. It is free of animal hair and has no synthetic. Brazilian kinky curly human hair extension is strong, smooth, and neat or tangles free.

A good shampoo, nice conditioner along with warm water is necessary to wash your hair extension. Furthermore, do not use oil because it makes the hair stick together. Here are a few features that you should know:

  • Easy to wash and maintain.
  • 100 percent human hair.
  • Available in different colors and noble packages.
  1. FShine Remi Balayage: This hair extension is made of real human hair that is easy to wash as well as condition. If you want gorgeous and soft color without spending hours in the hair salon then FShine Remi Balayage is a perfect choice.

You can curl, style and dry this hair extension without worrying about any damage. Do not bleach the hair extensions, prefer to dye them. Some features of this hair extension include:

  • Professional stylists use this hair extension.
  • Will not shed or tangle.
  1. Yameena Remy Clips: Do you want the long lasting hair extension. If so, Yameena Remy clips are best for you. This hair extension lasts for at least a year. They feature dual weaving that helps them stay strong as well as durable along with reliable thickness from end to end. You can also dry, curl and straight them. Another feature includes:
  • Available in two lengths.
  • You will get nine pieces per order.
  • Soft and glossy hair.
  1. Ombre Colored Party Highlights Clip on in Hair Extensions: This hair extension best fits your need if you like to make some wave of your hair. The composition, as well as the color of the hair are magnificent. Furthermore, the hair extension features fine color and simple to clip on or take off. Features of this hair extension include:
  • The hair extension is made of hundred percent high-quality synthetic fibre.
  • You can apply the hair extension for the birthday party, theme party and Halloween costume.
  • The hair extension is available in two texture options i.e. straight and curly.
  1. SWACC Short Messy Curly Dish Hair Bun Extension: The quality of this hair extension is high and is available at an affordable price. Also, the clips are durable and anyone can use them comfortably.

This ash brown color extension best fit for people having brownish hair. Here are some features of the hair extension:

  • SWACC messy bun comes along with EZ stretch hair combs Double clips. These clips are perfect for the ponytail.
  • This hair extension is made of hundred percent synthetic fibre.
  • You can add volume to your ponytail at a reasonable price.
  1. Moresoo Colorful Remy Human Hair Skin Weft Tape in Hair Extensions: This hair extension is a good option to add extra thickness or length to your hair. These are serene of human hair that blends well and leaves fewer twists.

You can do any hairstyle because they are used on hair firmly. This hair extension is the perfect choice for particular events and casual day in the office or if you want to change your look.

The feature of this hair extension is that it will remain three to six months with good care. You can also take help from hair stylists Rema Rozay in order to maintain the hair extension appropriately.

Wrapping Up

It has been said that women often try to change their look. Usually, they go for a makeover that is too trendy or may look out of place on a day to day basis. These days, hair extension has become a popular trend among women.

Hair extension is the best method to add volume and fuss-free length that looks effortlessly natural. There are different types of hair extensions as said above. You can pick up anyone according to your preference and the style you want to adopt.

Source: The Hottest Hair Trend to Get Long Hair Style Instantly

Rema Rozay went to Dubai for Beauty Seminar

Dubai is popular for beauty in women and its love for makeup or beauty products. In fact, it’s a huge market open in Dubai for makeup.

The largest international trade seminar for beauty products, Hair Extension, and fragrances, and wellbeing in the Middle East was held this week. Over the 19 long and successful years since its inauguration, the show is growing progressively says Rema Rozay.

However, certainly into a one-stop demonstration of the worldwide beauty, hair, and fragrance for the Broader Middle East region. The seminar plays an essential role in beauty industry evolution and development.

Rema Rozay in Dubai
Rema Rozay in Dubai

In fact, this edition of Beautyworld brought a heady mix of innovation, path-breaking trends, skillful professionals and truly innovative products. Messe Frankfurt Middle East organizes the seminar which covers the different products.

Beautyworld Middle East Main Products

The key product groups include Cosmetics & Skincare, Hair, Nails & Salon Supplies, Equipment, Packaging, Raw Materials & Agreement Manufacturing, Fragrance Mixes & Fragrances, Personal Care & Sanitation, and for the first time in 2018, Natural and Organic.

Beautyworld Middle East revenues in 2018 with encouraging highlights that attract thousands of beauty specialists each year. Host up to 1700 exhibitors from 62 countries, this podium upsurges head and shoulders above the rest. Actually, the international flavor is also highlighted by 24 country pavilions.

Furthermore, thousands of visitors come together to look for the products or services by different exhibitors. This international event offers trade visitors the convenience of meeting different companies face to face over these three days. Visitor’s experience the modern trends live with this show highlights that take them beyond an old-style trade show visit to a world of hands-on innovation.

The beauty world is eternally flawless continuously reinventing itself. In fact, it is the Middle East broader region best trade as well as networking event for beauty and wellness industry.

Rema Rozay and Celfie for lipstick brand promotion

Celfie and Rema were there in the international trade show for the promotion of his two lipsticks which includes Spicey Rozay and Rozay. The purpose of Celfie and Rema Rozay for attending the show is to get their brand international.

You can explore more lipstick brands by navigating Celfie Cosmetics company website. Celfie offers stand-out fascinating eye as well as lip makeup. The beauty products of this company are garnering the attention of tons of individuals and augmenting the natural beauty of faces worldwide.

Celfie Cosmetics is famous for its bold and brilliant lip colours emphasis Rema Rozay. You can find all the luxurious lipstick that gives lips the ultimate colour, texture as well as finish. Along with lipsticks, the company also carries Nail polish, Eye Lashes, and Lip Liners. Hence, if you want to add more products to your makeup bag, contact Celfie Cosmetics.


Prime Tips to Induce Most Out of the Rental Automotive

As the summer car rental season is going to start, the price is predicted to increase. Actually, budget car rentals are voyager’s savior from being aground in a single place and from costly taxi rides says, Rema Rozay. Todays, there is no surprise that from trying to rent a vehicle individuals end up with renting a lawnmower instead. In this article, Rema has given tips on how you can get most out of a rental car. Continue reading help you know how to find the best price rental car and save money.

Car Renting - Rema Rozay
Car Renting

Here are some tips you should consider while renting a car:

Do some research

These days a lot of sites are there that allow renting a car within budget. If you are not picky about a budget car rental then searching online is the best option.

You will get the best deal for the cars. Furthermore, you can get unlimited mileage and upgrades without spending an extra cash out of the budget.

Look for package deals

You have to look for package deals that different car rental firms are offering. Most of the packages give a good discount for rentals. Rema Rozay suggests that don’t do it with airlines.

Actually, airlines are not an expedient way to go. This is because their car rental prices are higher than those of outside firms.

Rent a car online

You should use the Internet to reserve a rental car. You can easily find budget car rentals online that give better bargain. In fact, some budget Car Rental websites go as far as Internet-only discounts. Along with this, you can also get upgrades based on the season.

One of the benefits of renting a car online is that you can do this from the comfort of home. All you need to do is to make a call to Rental Company emphasis Rema Rozay. And you can also review their site in order to determine the term and policy of the rental agreement.

Ask for the discount

Even when you have made the best deal, there is always one last trench of probability that your credit cards support the industry and offer a discount. In reality, it is a long shot, however, it’s worth a try.

Check car properly for any damage before renting

Most of the budget car rental is low on upkeep. Hence, while renting a car check it properly for any damage. You should check every nook, every side, and cranny of the vehicle.

And do not forget to inform the renter so that you did not have to pay for damage while returning the car. Also, take a look at all the accessories, brakes, wipers, seatbelts etc. to familiarize yourself with them.

Car rental insurance

Rema Rozay advise that most of the time your own vehicle insurance cover the car rentals. Therefore, you must check it before you purchase from the rental firm. Car rental insurance does not charge too much, but if you already have then why to buy another.

Wrapping Up

Rema Rozay has given the above tips in hope to help individuals in making a budget car rental decision. She is a car boss with a track record of renting cars for the top movies, photo shoot and video shoots. In fact, Rema is a front-runner for renting the luxury cars in New York.

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Top Tips on How to Look after Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are never cheap and require proper care. In order to make sure your hair extensions last as long as possible, you must maintain them properly. An aftercare routine plays a crucial role in the permanency of hair extension says, Rema Rozay. Hence, it is important to know how to look after hair extensions.

It is not difficult to take care of hair extensions, you just follow some instructions. Little extra everyday care and a slight change in how you do things can go a long way. In this article, Rema has given some tips for individuals to take care of hair extensions. Individuals who want to keep their hair extensions in perfect condition must read this article.

Hair Extension
Hair Extension

Following are some tips that you should follow to maintain your hair extensions:

Separate Hair Extension Bonds Everyday:

This is a crucial part of aftercare routine. You should separate bonds with figures once a day to make sure they are sitting separately. It is a matter of only a few minutes. Doing this regularly will avert the bonds from tangling at the root emphasis Rema Rozay.

Moreover, it allows you to remove hair extension quickly at the end of 4 to 5 months of wear. This may seem a simple advice. But not unraveling the bonds is one of the common reasons behind tangled hair extensions. Hence, you should follow this look after hair routine tip to maintain the quality of your hair.

Wash Hair Extension in a Proper Way:

Washing hair extension correctly is vital to proper hair extensions care. You should use the recommended aftercare products to wash your hair extensions. Actually, using proper shampoo and conditioner does not affect the quality of hair. Here, are some things to take care while washing hair:

  • Always remember to only shower scalp with shampoo.
  • Never use conditioner for the scalp. Apply conditioner to mid-lengths and ends only.
  • Rema Rozay suggests washing hair with lukewarm water rather than hot water as it can affect the natural as well as hair extensions.

Avoid to Sleep with Wet Hair Extension:

Actually, sleeping with wet hair can result in twisting and matting. Hence, never sleep with wet or damp hair. It is alluring to fall into bed with semi-dry hair. However, your hair extensions will become difficult to brush in next morning if you did so. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure you have sufficient time to dry hair when you wash hair.

Always Brush Gently:

Whether brushing dry hair or wet hair, you should do this softly. You must take some time to brush your hair and confiscate tangles patiently without pulling on the hair extensions. According to Rema Rozay, you should use hair extension hairbrush.

Keep Regular Maintenance Appointments:

There is a need to keep up to date with hair maintenance appointments which are usually recommended every 4 to 6 weeks. This is important if you want to keep your hair extensions look great.

Wrapping Up

Rema Rozay has given the above hair extensions aftercare tips that you should follow to maintain the quality of your hair. Rema at The Hair Connect offers quality hair extensions services at the best price. She has a collection of different hair like Malaysian, Russian Blonde, 100 percent Virgin Brazilian and more.


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Things to Consider While Renting A Car

Film production car rental in New York is very common and popular. A right prop is necessary to set the scene especially luxury cars make a huge impact in films says Rema Rozay. In fact, every day a lot of cars are rented to production companies to make feature films and television shows.

Todays, a lot of individuals have signed up their cars with vehicle rental companies for movie or photo shoots. You can find car rental service providers online who offer a great deal. They rent out the cars to producers looking for perfect movie car. And also to business persons who are looking for unique way to advertise their brand.

Whether makers are shooting on location or taking photo shoot on the road, renting a car is the best option. In fact, renting a car has become the most effectual and lucrative conveyance for film production companies in New York.

However, prices and coverage policies vary among different car rental companies emphasis, Rema Rozay. Therefore, you should consider some things before renting a car for either photo-shoot, video-shoot, movies or business promotion.

Car Renting
Car Renting

Here are some questions that you should ask while renting a car:

  • Ask the Charges:

This is crucial to ask for the fee before renting a car in order to avoid surprises while paying the bill. Sometimes, rental companies add state taxes and their own sale tax rates to the cost of the car you are renting.

Furthermore, individuals can see other additional charges such as vehicle license fee and energy recovery fee. Hence, it is advisable to ask for overall fees in the beginning.

  • Early or late Return Policy:

This is also a thing to consider while renting a luxury car for photo-shoot or film Rema Rozay says. Actually, most of the rental vehicle companies have the policy that let individuals return the car without extra fee if they are late by less than 30 minutes or even more. However, some companies charge full day fee if you are late. Ask the company if they have such kind of policy.

  • Rental Mileage Plan:

Some companies offer limitless miles for vehicle rental period. You can use the car in movie or photo-shoot as much as you want without paying extra fees. According to Rema Rozay, some rental businesses charge extra fees. Hence, renting a car for some day’s means you have sufficient mileage plan if you have to use the car regularly in the whole movie.

Wrapping Up

These are some tips given by Rema Rozay for individuals who want to rent a car for business promotion, movies, video shoots and more. Rema is running a car rental business in New York and has the best car renting options for every individual. In fact, she is the front-runner for all luxury vehicle rental in the New York City.

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